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CLINVO Free Health Screening

What is a CLINVO Health Screening? 

During a free health screening at Cinovacare Medical Research & Center we will review your medical history and evaluate your current overall health. We also will complete the necessary diagnostic testing to determine trial eligibility such as:

  • Blood Pressure Check

  • Height/Weight 

  • Blood Sugar Level Check  

  • Cholesterol Testing 

The extent of your testing will depend on your health conditions. All exams and lab work offered to you during our health screening are provided free of charge. 

What is a Health Screening Does For You?

Our comprehensive health screening offers you
the opportunity:


  • To find out more about your current health 

  • Ask Questions about Medical Research Studies

  • Find out which medical research study might be beneficial to your specific health concerns 

Completing a free health screen does not in any way
obligate to you sign up for a medical research study.

It will give you the opportunity to personally visit
with one of our research experts who can
answer your questions and give you the
information you need to make an
informed decision about participating in a trial. 

Get started by calling

to schedule your 

your free health

screening appointment. 

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